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Top 10 Ways To Lose Your Golf Balls
Golf is certainly a crazy game, one golfer recently commented to me that he keeps losing his balls. That got me to thinking,

What are the top ten ways to lose your balls?

Golf Balls that is. Here's a list (made up one of course)

1 - Water Hazard (your balls certainly get wet a lot, so next time your ball is missing look in the water)
2 - In The Tall Rough (most golfers don't carry weed whackers, yet most probably should)
3 - Alligator, Gopher or other wild life (these critters might make off with your balls, just watch Caddy Shack if you don't believe me)
4 - Out Of Bounds (try to avoid golf courses with cliffs, drop-offs or rocky crags. More then a few balls have been lost this way and even a few golfers.)
5 - Tornado, Hurricane (mother nature is not a golfers friend, if you get caught in extreme weather you are likely to be ball-less when the storm clears)
6 - Too Many Beers During Round (when you have had one too many during your round, you are probably gonna have trouble finding your ball)
7 - Other Unscrupulous Golfers (golfers are known for filching other players balls when in the vicinity, keep a look-out at all times for ball thieves)
8 - Damage Due To Hack Golfer (most hack golfers are abusing their balls, a slice, cut or other damage is likely)
9 - Hole In Pockets (unfortunately many poor balls are just dropped from neglected pockets with gaping holes during rounds)
10 - Mans Best Friend (if he gets a hold of your balls, your dog is likely gonna chew them to shreds)

By Kerry Zangara