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Srixon Golf Balls

Srixon Golf Brand
Srixon is known as one of the best golf balls in the business, they also offer a full line of clubs and accessories. What does Srixon mean? The Srixon brand name comes from a combination of 3 sources. SRI Sumitomo rubber Industries, X Unlimited, Dreams for the Future, ON Going onwards.

Slogan: Play A Better Ball

PGA Tour Players who play Srixon Brand: Boo Weekley, Carl Paulson, Chris Perry, Chris Stroud, Craig Bowden, Garth Mulroy, George McNeil, Glen Day, Grame Mcdowell, Jim Renner, Joe Durant, John Huston, John Rollins, Keegan Bradley, Kent Jones, Kevin Stadler, Mathias Gronberg, Michael Putnam, Robert Allenby, Rod Pampling, Steve Flesch, Tag Ridings, Vijay Singh.

Srixon Z-Star - this premium golf ball brand claims to have the largest core in the industry. They feature a very soft cover which is able to generate a max amount of spin. Z-Star golf balls feature a 324 aerodynamic dimple design, this ball is available in both a pure white and tour yellow color. The Z-Star is compression rated 90.

Srixon Z-Star XV - is a dual-core (4-piece) golf ball that is high compression. The regular z-star is softer and designed for swing speeds between 80mph and 105mph. The Z-Star XV is compression rated 100.

Srixon TriSpeed Tour - 
A 3 piece premium quality golf ball. The overall performance maximizes spin without sacrificing distance by combining a thin and soft cover with a mid-compression core. This multilayer tour caliber ball is designed for low handicap amateurs with swing speeds less than 100mph. This ball is available in both a pure white and tour yellow color.

Srixon Soft Feel - This brand of golf ball has a resilient core that gets progressively softer toward its center. It features high trajectory and greater lift force which make ball flights effortless for most golfers. Is ideal for a wide range of players, especially those with low swing speeds. Compression rated 68, 324 dimples. (there is also a soft feel lady ball, this ball is designed for lady golfers)