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Personalized Golf Balls
Personalized Golf Balls are great gifts for most golfers. You could have someone's name or nickname imprinted on a sleeve of balls and give them as a gift.

Personalized Golf Balls are also a great way to promote a business, charity or organization. Often times these balls can be given away to employees or patrons at events hosted by the company, charity or organization.

If a company has a logo, then they are often imprinted on golf balls. You can usually find most large companies logos on golf balls if you look around.

It is also popular for Golf Courses to have balls imprinted with their logos. This is especially so with famous golf courses such as Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Doral, etc. Some golfers even collect these balls and there is even a trade of buying and selling of these collector balls on sites like If you are visiting a famous Golf Course be sure to bring home some personalized balls from the course, they are sure to be valued by someone.

The pros personalize their balls in a different fashion than imprinting a logo or name on them. The pros will mark all their balls with a series of pen marks inside of certain dimples. These marks make it so they can recognize their ball, in case someone else is playing the same ball. Each pro uses their own distinct pattern of pen dots on the ball.