History of The Golf Ball
The History of the golf ball is an interesting one, in fact it dates back to the beginning of the game of golf. Over the years the ball has evolved, as has the game. Below is the story of the golf ball and its evolution.

It all began with what is now called the "Feathery Cube". This abomination of a golf ball was made out of leather and stuffed with goose or chicken feathers. It was formed from several pieces of hard leather that had to be stitched together. The ball was eventually hammered into as close to round form as possible and then covered with coats of paint. The process was time consuming and the balls were typically expensive as they had to be hand made.

Next came the "Gutta-Percha" golf ball. This ball made its first appearance around the mid 1800's. The ball was made from Gutta-Percha which is the evaporated milky juice or latex produced from a tree commonly found in Malaysia (you just can't make this stuff up). The balls were still hand made, but this time you rolled the substance on a board until it was round. This new ball was much more durable, went farther and cost less.
Used Golf Balls
Used Golf balls can be a good way to go if you are looking to save some money. You do have to be careful about the type of used golf balls you purchase though, as some have really been through the mill. Let's take a look at the most common types of used golf balls for sale.

Refinished, Refurbished and Recycled Golf Balls.

Refinished & Refurbished Golf Balls
These balls are considered low quality used golf balls. They have likely undergone an extensive refurbishing process. They have likely been stripped down using chemicals or a machining process. These balls are then repainted and then even reprinted, they make look good but the ball itself has been altered in many ways. These balls will have lost many of their original characteristics.

Recycled Golf Balls
These are considered much higher quality used golf balls. They have typically only been cleaned. They may have undergone a light chemical bath or been run through a specially designed ball washer yet the original characteristics of the ball should remain unchanged. These balls have not been repainted or reprinted. As you can see they are a much higher quality type of used golf ball.

Bottom line you can save some money on used golf balls, yet you are going to want recycled balls, make sure that they have not been stripped, reprinted or repainted.
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